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One Small Swim For A Duck, One Giant Leap for Duck Kind.

Located in Brisbane, Australia, this duck grew bored of the local pond instead pining for rapids, danger and adventure! So he put on a mask and hood which he found quite comfortable, picked up a sword and set out. After a few years hunting dragons and being saved by princesses he decided to settle down and graduate from QUT with a Bachelor of IT.

He soon ran into a system that was so terrible and fault prone he dedicated 4000+ man hours and learnt python in a month to develop one better. He has since built upon those skills to be the most versatile technology consultant in his lake.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Years of Fencing
Points Scored

Is that information correct? Who knows! You would if you were using our application to track your statistical data! Enquire today, be ahead of the pack. (Please note the application does not Currently do this, this is filler text)

Athlete Performance Data!

  • Average time between points.
  • Comeback potential.
  • Do they win more taking quick decisive actions or with a slow methodical style?
  • What actions work?
  • All this and more!


Intuitive Technology!

  • Simple to use guides and steps.
  • Utilising Open-Source Software
  • Simple One Click Editing
  • Customisation Is Simple!

We Are The Experts You Can Trust To Fulfil Your Requirements.