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I mostly created this page because I’ve reached the point where I can either spend money on my own fencing or on making the FencingEye application better for others.

The amount I’ve spent so far not including time is about $1000 mostly because I wanted video refereeing in my state and to improve the national broadcasting. I would like to add stage lighting support to the app like they have in the olympics which would cost about $500. (for buying the lights/hardware)

I also would one day like to buy nice cameras to replace the $100 cameras I am currently using and to buy a portable computer to take around the country to events.

I’ll set various goals for these things and will in turn when they are met add the extra functionality to the free application.

General updates I want to do in the future that just cost time.

P Yellow cards

P yellow/red cards.

Teams Functionality

Adding 4 stored names to easily switch who’s up/Teams mode where points scored in period are counted separate to the fencer who’s on the strip. (only other visual thing it’s missing compared to the program used at the Olympics)

Also would be useful for saving names if you reach semi-final stage in a comp and need the same names back for the final.

Saved Settings on restart.

Last name country/fencer name etc is saved.

Multiple Themes

I went with the dark theme initially as it’s easy and safe to do, a good light theme option would be nice.

Animation when light goes off.

A visual animation of a hit playing instead of just the scoreboard lighting up. This is actually quite hard to do given the GUI I’m working with, in most others it would be quite simple but unfortunately it’s not the case here.

Recording and saving of bout details to csv/database/connecting it to web database of fencing results.

This likely isn’t happening unless the donations can replace my job.

Fantasy Fencing website.

 Not really part of this application, just something I think would be interesting to do later.

Features that require money to get started.

Add DMX control.

Control stage lights to light up when a hit is scored. (similar to Leon Paul system but cheaper)

$200 For Enttec DMX USB Pro

$300 Stage lights X2 (one each side for testing/probably can go cheaper here if I find some on gumtree)

$500 total donations needed to add start work on event lighting feature.

Ethernet Name Box Functions (very long term goal)

Currently you have to manually enter names/countries in as it doesn’t take the names from the box. This is because I haven’t bought a fencing time server licence/don’t have access to one for testing.

$350 for fencing time server

$100 for fencing time standard licence

$450 total

This would likely take a very, very long time to implement as it goes back into the core functionality of the box and isn’t as high a priority for me as most people can’t afford fencing time server to start with. Do not expect this for a while.

Goals that require money

New Cameras For Broadcasting Fencing in Australia

Currently I’m using my own equipment two $100 cameras to do video replay and a $20 USB webcam as well as a $400 ATEM mini, $100 camera crane a few tripods and my personal desktop computer. These are used for competitions in my state and national competitions in my country.

I would like to purchase one NDI PTZ camera for audience shots/fencer minute break shots/referee shots and one NDI box camera for the main fencing action.

The approximate cost of two good high quality cameras for this is $4000. It would be nice to have a second ptz camera for an extra $2000

If by some miracle donations ever reach anywhere near this amount I will purchase them and use them for australian fencing competitions.

Tutorials to do first.

How to connect to the box wirelessly and wired.

How to use with obs.

Tutorials I want to do in the future

How to setup a video referee system using items you have at no cost.

How to setup a automatic club replay system with only a laptop.

How to make a simple multi camera video replay system.

How to setup stinger transitions/social media popups etc.

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