Wired Connection to computer. FA-07.

Method: Windows 10

This is going to look complicated but if you have the exact same RS422 adapter or if the pin assignment shown below is the same. Just follow the coloured wires and it should work.

For the wired version you will need:

1x RS422 to USB adapter.

2x DB9F To RJ45 F Adaptors.

1x DB9 gender changer male to male.

1x Ethernet cable (preferably 30 m)

Right Click on the start button in the bottom left corner and click on device manager. Alternatively search for it.

Double click on the “Ports (COM & LPT)” Category.

Take the RS-422 to USB adapter and plug it into the computer, Take note of the new COM Number IE: COM3

Check what the pin out of the RS-422 to USB adapter is. See below for an example pinout for my DT-5019 Adapter.

Take the DB9F To RJ45 F Adaptor and wire it up like so following the colour scheme.

Then connect it to a DB9 Gender Changer.

Plug it into the FA-07 box.

Plug the ethernet cable into the adapter and plug the other end into the other DB9M To RJ45 F adapter wired up like this following the colour scheme.

Then connect it to the  RS-422 to USB adapter.

Open Fencing Eye and open the settings page. Enter the COM number without quotes like so “COM3”

Press the “Change comport” Button, then the close button.

Go to Basic overlay and ensure the box score is shown in the program. If the program looks strange and the score isn’t shown it is wired up incorrectly. If your adapters don’t have accurate pinouts this might be trial and error and you will need to change the wiring on the second adapter to match with the pin out of your RS422 to usb adapter.

If nothing is shown you are either wired incorrectly or entered the wrong COM number.

You are now connected.