Fencing Eye

Fencing Eye is a python program to overlay Favero’s FA-07 Fencing Apparatus for live-streaming and video refereeing purposes.

Fencing Eye can be used with OBS Studio, or any live broadcasting software to display crystal clear real-time information. Box out of focus? No longer do your viewers have to squint to see who got the last point, even on a low quality stream the score will be easily visible.


Quick Setup Guide

Hardware connection tutorial in the menu above.

Setup is simple. Simply start up the App, and the freely available OBS Studio or your own live streaming program.

Add the application window as a media source and set a chroma key filter for the blue screen #ff0047bb.

Head to Head Statistics

Enter live head to head statistics. Simply add another scene and repeat the process for the statistics tab. 

Live Replay’s and Video Ref

Create live real time replays with the click on a button from within OBS Studio so your viewers can see what the referee sees in real time! Use it along side Stabby Tech’s multi camera live broadcasting setup to unlock it’s full capabilities!

For state and local events it can also function as a complete video referring system with slow motion using every day items at low cost.

Donate today to keep the project alive. We need to feed the Duck.

Currently the project has been developed entirely without support as a passion project but we need to feed the duck. As it currently stands he has spent way too much time and money on hosting the server and buying the basic parts required to test it. We would also like to add stage lighting in the future if we receive enough donations to buy the equipment.

The basic version will be free with only donations requested. Please enquire for full version access before donation goals are met.